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The X-files Software project

The X-files is a software development project that I have been working
on in periods for the last three years. At this point in time it consists
of close to a hundred different objects.
They consist of a collection of MIDI and DSP objects developed to work 
in the MAX/MSP software enviroment. The objects works just like any 
other MAX-objects i.e. they can be patched together in a modular fashion
using "patchcords" to connect inputs and outputs of audio or controlsignals. 
This makes the objects very flexible and powerful giving the user full 
control of their funcionality. What makes the X-files differ from the 
standard set of MAX/MSP objects is that they all live on a high level of 
funcionality containing userfriendly graphical interfaces witch makes it 
very easy to build complex instruments in a very short time. This functionalty 
combined with a "slick" look, can help the user save time in the studio at 
the same time as the handling of the objects becomes pleasant.
These objects was developed for my own work (and way of thinking) but are 
still mostly kept on a very general level witch could make them quite 
attractive for other users as well. Especially for students these tools 
could simplify the understanding of certain audio techniques as well as 
the possibilitys of MIDI other than those offered by most commercial sequensers. 
X-files are planned be put on the web during the autumn of 1999. Keep your 
eyes on the IRCAM site or at some of the mirror sites offering FTP access to 

The X-files offer objects in the following classes:


Additive synthesis
Plucked string synthesis
Wave interpolation
"Analog style" synthesis
Granular synthesis


A 64-voice, 32-channel sampleplayer
and Harddisc player/recorder.


Envelope and function generators, LFO:s,Flanger, 
Chorus, Harmonizer, Frequensyshifter, RingModulator, 
Filters, 512-band EQ, compressor, Envelope follower, 
Delay, Multitap delay, MS-decoder, Resonators,
Bandpass filterbank, Timestretch/compress,
Vocoder and support for VST plug-ins.


Mixers, panners, quad and surround output units
and quad delay.

Control/MIDI-objects include:


Random generators, Fractal generators,
Step sequenser, Phrase variation generator,
List generator, Rythm generator, Table generators 
and more...


Velocity controller, 2D surface, MIDI-controller


MTC timecode read/write/display, programmable 
MTC trigger, MTC controller for syncing with
other applications using OMS time manager.


MIDI-compress/expand, Data-filters, Smoothing,
interpolators, pitch & rythm-quantizers, arpeggiator,
MIDI-delay, Logic switchers, MIDI-distributors,
Parameter automation, Keyboard and more...