Scandinavian Music Institutions

Swedish Institute for National Concerts (SRK):
Swedish Composers Society (FST):
Swedish Composers International Music beaureu (STIM):
Swedish Music Information Center :
Nordic Composers Council (NRK):
Norwegian Composers International Music Beaureu (TONO):
The Institute for Electroacoustic Music in Sweden (EMS):

International EAM Institutions

CCRMA: Stanford University education & research
CNMAT: Berkley University education & research
Electronic Music Foundation: CD:s, Publications, Calenders & more...
INA/GRM: Classical EAM-institution #1
GMEB : Festival info, links, CD:s & more...
IRCAM: Information on events, research etc...
ICMA (International Computer Music Assosiation):
NoTAM (Norwegian Network for Music): Lots of links, both national and international, software, CD-ROM etc...

Links,   Links,   Links...

Software related links

Ambisonics Homepage: Software & research on ambisonic sound distribution
Cubic Oscillator Homepage: Very esoteric chaosgenerator producing nasty sounds for those who like it
C-sound Homepage: First class source for all kind of C-sound related software & info
Composers Desktop Project (CDP) : By now a classical software for composers running PC, ATARI or SGI
Cycling 74: Get MSP and M on David Zicarellis own site
Electrosonics Homepage: A british site with links & more...
ICMA Software Library: Lots of interesting links, free software etc...
Interval Music: Some commercial but interesting software products
KACOR: Swedish software project for interactive dance & music & more...
MAX download page at Opcode: Get the lates version of MAX and other MIDI software from Opcode
The MAX Page: A fast mirror of IRCAM:s MAX ftp archive. Also contains some nice links to other MAX related sites
STEIM: Special software for the MAC developed for interactive image and music
The Sound Kitchen: A Princeton collection of free software mostly for the UNIX world
Trigger & Contour: Free interesting software by the swedish composer Henrik Strindberg
University of Michigan Mirror: Sunets mirror contains a load of small MIDI, Sound and utility applications

Other useful links

Computer Music Journal: Excellent collection of links on various EAM related topics. A must-visit-site...
LIPM: Say hello to South America!
Andreyev acoustic institute: Not so much music, but interesting in many other aspects
Emprintes Digitales: Select from a variety of the best in EAM from this nice company
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