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Commissions by institutions

If you represent an institution the best way to set up a commission is simply to contact me via e-mail, fax or directely on the phone. Depending on the nature of your commission the composing fee will be negociated. As the planning ahead is vital for meeting deadlines etc. you should calculate at least one to one and a half year delivery time (also depending on the nature of the commission).

Commissions by artists and ensembles

If you are a musician or if you represent an ensemble and want to commission a piece you should contact me via e-mail, fax or phone and describe your project or ideas. You should preferrably have fundings for the project already but in case you donīt there are some possibilitys of applying for swedish or nordic funds to help you out. These funds are however very sought for and chances are slim to find the means there but it may be worthwhile trying it. Please calculate one to one and a half years of time for composing.